Your Community Service Requirements During Your Recovery

Help Yourself by helping others

Any tenant working less than 20 hours a week will do 10 hours of community service in-house. This begins on the 7th day of your stay here. The sign-up form is hanging on the bookshelf in the foyer. If it is not written down you have completed it yet.

If you become employed before your 7th day of residency you do not have to do community service. If you should lose your job, your community service starts the day of your termination of employment. Not 7 days after you have worked. Any questions should be directed toward the office personnel.

We will not chase you down or hound you for this community service. We will remove you if you do not follow these rules. It is your responsibility, not ours. It is simply asked that you follow these rules. These rules will be enforced and could include removal from the recovery house if not followed.

Some recommended community service duties include, but not limited to:

  • Place food in its proper place when it arrives from the Food Bank.
  • Keep the pantries, kitchen clean and organized.
  • Check kitchens for dirty dishes throughout the day and clean as needed.
  • Pick up trash on and around the front porch and lawn area.
  • Pick up trash in the parking lot areas.
  • Clean and vacuum the common areas twice a day.
  • Clean and stock common restrooms twice a day.
  • Help out with any special events or projects.
  • Community service at the Food Bank of Abilene? Check into the office upon arrival.
  • Attendance required from 9:00 am – till close to receive the 10 hours of work credit. No exceptions!

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