The Documents And Requirements Every Applicant In The 180 House Needs To Read

Non Compliance Of The Documents Can Lead To The Applicants Denial! Please Read The Documented Information Provided In The Links Below.

180 house rules

180 House Seven Rules

The #1 Rule, you must stay 100% clean and sober. This means no alcohol, no drugs, no prescription drugs unless prescribed to you. We must be notified of...

180 house community service requirements

Community Service Requirements

Any tenant or applicant working less than 20 hours per week, will do 10 hours of community service in-house. This begins on the 7th day of your stay here...

180 house chores

Chores You Need To Know

A chores list arrives on Sunday and is posted in the kitchen of each wing, every Sunday. You should have at least one or more chores on the this list...

180 house letter to all

Letter To All

Dear Friends, I wanted to write this letter about the 180 House to all looking for recovery in addiction. We welcome you and home this letter finds a warm place in your heart...

180 house public transportation routes

Public Transportation Routes

Welcome to Abeline, Texas. We are centrally located to help serve in your recovery. With a 2020 population of 123,707, it is the 30th largest city in Texas and the ...

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