Letter To All Looking For Recovery From Addiction

Enjoy A Little Letter From Our Recovery House

Dear Friends,

I wanted to write this letter about the 180 House to all looking for recovery in addiction. We welcome you and hope this letter finds a warm place in your heart.

It is hard to believe that we have begun our twenty fourth year at the 180 House. What blessings God has bestowed on us. The miracles that we have witnessed in people’s lives, have made the work and struggles worthwhile. It is always a great joy to hear from or see or former residents that have stayed clean and sober from addiction and then gone on to lead productive lives and achieve their goals and dreams.

People often ask “why Abilene”? It is because of the overwhelming support of the recovery community, churches, social service programs, caring and giving city wide as a whole. People are willing to help give others a fresh start. Many residents who come from larger metropolitan areas are frequently surprised by the magnitude of the 12-step groups and the recovery related activities happening on a regular basis. With a population of 123,707 as of 2020, Abilene is the perfect size city for a clean slate in life. There are entry level jobs readily available and a great public transit system.

We do learn to pull together as a team to achieve our common goal of recovery from addiction. We strive to continue to provide the most conducive and affordable transitional housing in the southwest. Our thousands of successful former residents are testament to the effectiveness of long term support and structure.

Although its not an easy program, we work to keep it simple and definitely worthwhile. Everybody gets the same chance and only one chance to get on with their recovery and their lives. It has been a great honor to be a part of the miracles of these lives that have obtained ongoing recovery.


Richard Kennedy

180 House

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