What Did The 180 House Means To Me?

“To me the 180 house is a perfect place to help us get back on our feet. It offers you all the comfort of home and it’s a place where you can concentrate on your recovery.”

Byrel W.

“The only people here are those wanting recovery. When someone needs to talk, there is usually someone around to do that. I have many friends now.”

Joe H.

“My experience of living at the 180 house is ideal for me because I didn’t do alcohol unless i am isolated and lonely. The people have a bond with each other that is both strong and tender. The small staff is well informed, experienced, understanding, and the the rules are fair and reasonable.”

Don R.

“I am so thankful and grateful I had a place like the 180 house to turn to after treatment. It gave me a new chance at life. I now have eleven years clean and I owe that to Richard and Tracy Kennedy, the 180 House, and Narcotics Anonymous.”

Roy C.

“The 180 House was a stepping stone from my old life into my new life, and without it I would not have the foundation within recovery and society that I have today. I am so grateful and blessed for the opportunity to have stayed there. It saved my life.”

Cathy S.

“The 180 house was very instrumental in helping me get on track in living a clean and sober lifestyle. Richard and Tracy K. are excellent hosts, and for me it was a great stepping stone from treatment to back into recovery and society.”

Gene S.

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